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Leibrecht Markus

姓名:马库斯•莱布雷希特(Leibrecht Markus)








本人现任上海海洋大学应用经济学教授,曾在奥地利和巴西研习经济学。在来中国之前,我曾在奥地利、德国、新加坡、英国和马来西亚的大学担任国际商业与经济学教授的职务。此外,我曾在学术领域之外【奥地利国家银行(Austrian National Bank)和奥地利经济研究院(Austrian Institute of Economic Research)】工作多年以求通过实践应用来补足我的学术知识并更好地提供政策咨询。我有二十余年的在大学任教的经历,面向本科生(BSc)、硕士生(MSc、MBA)和博士生教授各类国际商业与经济学相关学科的课程并担任许多博士论文、本科生和研究生论文的指导老师。我当前的研究主要关注经济调控和经济特区(Special Economic Zones)对跨国企业活动的影响(例如《外国直接投资法(Foreign Direct Investment)》、投资者—国家争端等)。此外,我对市场和政治机构的信心来源拥有强烈的研究兴趣,到目前为止,我以主要研究者和合作研究者的身份已经收到了约60万美元的研究补助和奖励。我在享有声望的国际期刊上发表过多篇论文,包括《应用经济学(Applied Economics)》、《经济学(Economica)》、《经济探索(Economic Inquiry)》、《经济学快报(Economic Letters)》、《欧洲政治经济学期刊(European Journal of Political Economy)》、《发展研究期刊(Journal of Development Studies)》、《经济调查期刊(Journal of Economic Surveys)》、《制度经济学期刊(Journal of Institutional Economics)》、《养老金经济学与金融期刊(Journal of Pension Economics and Finance)》、《公共选择(Public Choice)》、《世界经济(The World Economy)》等。我现在是奥地利经济研究院的助理研究员(Research Associate),该研究院由诺贝尔经济学奖获得者冯•哈耶克(F.A. von Hayek)和冯•米塞斯(L. von Mises)于1927年创建。此外,还担任上海大学MBA中心的副教授和(英国)高等教育学院的副研究员.

Name: Leibrecht Markus

Sex: Male

Country of Origin: Austria

Date of birth: 1971, 12

Title / Position: Professor, PhD Advisor

Email address: markus@shou.edu.cn

Contact: +86(21)61902786

Personal profile:

I am Professor of Applied Economics at Shanghai Ocean University. I studied Economics in Austria and Brazil.  Prior to moving to China, I was Professor of Economics and International Business at universities in Austria, Germany, Singapore and Great Britain / Malaysia. In addition, I spent several years outside of academia (Austrian National Bank and Austrian Institute of Economic Research) to supplement my academic knowledge with practical application and for policy consulting. My teaching experience at universities spans more than two decades. I taught courses on various economic and international business-related subjects for undergraduate (BSc), postgraduate (MSc, MBA) and PhD students and I have supervised numerous PhD theses, postgraduate and undergraduate dissertations. My current research focuses on the role economic regulation and Special Economic Zones play for Multinational Enterprises’ activities (e.g., Foreign Direct Investment, investor-state disputes). In addition, I have a keen interest in the roots of confidence in market and political institutions. To date I received about US$600,000 in research grants and awards, both as principal and well as co-investigator. I published several articles in reputable international journals like Applied Economics, Economica, Economic Inquiry, Economic Letters, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Economic Surveys, Journal of Institutional Economics, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, Public Choice or The World Economy. I am a Research Associate at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research which was founded in 1927 by Nobel Memorial Prize laureate F.A. von Hayek and L. von Mises. I am also Adjunct Professor at Shanghai University’s MBA Centre and an Associate Fellow of Higher Education (Great Britain).

Main Research Grants and Projects:

1.Singapore University of Social Sciences, Centre for Applied Research grant for project “The political economy of market- based structural economic reforms in East Asia”, Singapore Dollar 13.164 (Principal Investigator)

2.Austrian Central Bank Anniversary Fund Project on “Fiscal costs of financial crises”, Euro 37.000 (Principal Investigator)

3.Austrian Central Bank Anniversary Fund Project on “Financial markets, banks and international consumption risk sharing”, Euro 8.000 (Principal Investigator)

4.Research Centre International Economics Project on “Determinants of inward Foreign Direct Investment”, Euro 6.000 (Co-Investigator; Principal Investigator Bellak Christian)

5.Austrian Science Fund Project F-2013 on “Taxes and Infrastructure as Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment”, Euro 232130 (Principal Investigator)

6.Austrian Science Fund Project F-2012 on “Causes and Consequences of FDI in CEECs”, Euro 235090 (Co-Investigator; (Principal Investigator Bellak Christian)

7.Festo (LLC) grant for project on “Capital flows to new EU Member States: Determinants and Effects”, Euro 10.000 (Principal Investigator) 

8.Austrian Science Fund Project on “Taxes and the location decisions of Multinational Enterprises in Central and Eastern European Countries”, Euro 80.000 (Co-Investigator; Principal Investigator Martin Zagler)

9.Austrian Central Bank Anniversary Fund Project on “Tax Structures in Central and Eastern European Countries”, Euro 45.000 (Co-Investigator; Principal Investigator Kazimiersk Laski)

Main Publications:

Monographs and Research Reports

1.Do financial crises have long-term impacts on the composition of public budgets? Research Report for Anniversary Fund Project No. 15790, Austrian Central Bank, 2016, with Johann Scharler

2.Social Partnership and Macroeconomic Performance (in German). Wifo Studies No. 47406, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, 2014, with Rocha-Akis Silvia 

3.The Changing Economic Role of the Public Sector (in German), Vienna: Facultas, 2008, Editor with Kostal Thomas and Pasterniak Angelika 

4.Tax Revenue Forecasting in Austria (in German). Wiesbaden: Springer, 2004 (book won Stephan Koren Price for outstanding PhD-thesis at WU in 2003)

5.Tax Revenues of Local Governments in Austria (in German). Wifo Studies No. 2003/7, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, 2003 

6.Taxation and EU Enlargement: A comparative analysis of the tax systems in the EU and the CEE countries and evaluation of the effects of an EU-Enlargement on those tax systems. Research Report for Anniversary Fund Project No. 8875, Austrian Central Bank, 2002, with Laski Kazimierz and Römisch Roman 

7.Comparison of Tax Burden. Research Report No. 292, The Vienna Institute of International Economic Studies, 2002, with Römisch Roman 

Journal Articles and Book Chapters (* = Refereed)

1.* Trust dynamics after financial distress: Evidence from Euro member countries, 2020, Applied Economics Letters (SSCI), https://doi.org/10.1080/13504851.2020.1855308, with Scharler Johann

2.* Political Constraints, Financial Market Pressure, and Fiscal Consolidations, 2020, Public Choice (SSCI), https://doi.org/10.1007/s11127-020-00831-4, with Scharler Johann 

3.*Investor-State Disputes in Balkan, post-Soviet and Near and Middle Eastern countries, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (SSCI), 23(1): 101-121, 2021, with Bellak Christian

4.* Is confidence in companies rooted in social trust, or regulatory quality, or both?, Journal of Institutional Economics (SSCI), 16(3): 271-286, 2020, with Pitlik Hans 

5.* Granger-causes of the Ringgit-US Dollar exchange rate after 2005, Journal of Financial Economic Policy (ESCI), 12(1): 77-96, 2020, with Kan Yoke Yue 

6.* Determinants of Second Pillar Pension Reforms: Economic Crisis and Globalization, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (SSCI), 19(3): 392-408, 2020, with Fong Joelle 

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9.* Social trust, institutional and political constraints on the executive and deregulation of markets, European Journal of Political Economy (SSCI), 39: 249-268, 2015, with Pitlik Hans 

10.* Fiscal Policy and Business Cycle Volatility: How important are Credit Constraints? Economica (SSCI), 82(326): 201-221, 2015, with Scharler Johann 

11.* Modelling FDI based on a spatially augmented gravity model: Evidence for Central and Eastern European Countries. Journal of International Trade and Economic Development (SSCI), 23(8): 1206-1237, 2014, with Riedl Aleksandra 

12.* Determinants of seasonal labor migration from Armenia to Russia: An empirical investigation, Journal of Development Studies (SSCI), 50(3): 349-367, 2014, with Bellak Christian and Liebensteiner Mario

13.Social Partnership and Macroeconomic Performance: A descriptive analysis (in German). Wifo Monthly Reports, 87(8): 555-567, 2014, with Rocha-Akis Silvia 

14.Subdued Economic Growth, High Unemployment and Fiscal Consolidation Shaping the Economic Outlook. Medium-term Forecast for the Austrian Economy until 2018. Wifo Bulletin, 19(3): 21-34, 2014, with Baumgartner Josef and Kaniovski Serguei

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Miscellaneous Publications

1.Fiscal Dynamics after a Financial Crisis: Evidence from OECD Countries, Henley Business School, University of Reading, ICMA Centre Discussion Paper ICM-2-17-04, 2017, with Scharler Johann

2.AQM-06: The Macro-economic Model of the OeNB. Austrian Central Bank Working Paper No. 132, 2006, with Schneider Martin

3.An alternative formulation of the Devereux-Griffith effective average tax rates for international investment. Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies Working Papers 39, 2006, with Roemisch Roman

Main Awards:

1.Vienna University of Economics and Business and City of Vienna Best Paper Award, 2009 (With Christian Bellak)

2.Festo-Fellow Award of Festo (LLC), 2006

3.The International Journal of Emerging Markets Award for the Best Emerging Markets Paper presented at the European International Business Academy, 2006 (with Christian Bellak)

4.Stephan Koren Price for outstanding PhD-thesis defended at Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2003, 2004

5.Austrian Chamber of Labour Award for outstanding MSc-thesis, 1998


Applied Economics, Columbia University Press, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance , Economics of Transition, Empirica - Journal of European Economics, European Integration online Papers,  European Journal of Political Economy, International Tax and Public Finance, Journal of General Management, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Management International Review, Public Money and Management, Review of World Economics, Singapore Economic Review, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Vienna Yearbook of Population Research; Austrian Central Bank Anniversary Fund, Austrian Economic Association Annual Meetings, European International Business Academy Conferences; Judge 11th Convergence Conference, James Cook University, Singapore